The communal washroom is often the only available location in which to change the baby’s nappy.

Where designated changing facilities are not provided, undertaking the task can be difficult, unhygienic and potentially dangerous.

Installing a changing station provides parents with a safe, convenient and hygienic changing facility in non-domestic washrooms and is now considered to be equally important as the provision of other essential facilities.

Along with a high quality nappy disposal service which ensures compliance with all legislative requirements, the installation of changing stations demonstrates a commitment to visitor and customer care and improves the perceived quality of an establishment.

This complete service provides a rigid 45 Litre unit, fully lined, containing a vaporising disinfecting/deodorising fluid enabling bacteria and malodours to be eliminated at source.

We can provide:

  • Nappy Vending Machine
  • 45 Litre Nappy Bin
  • Babyminder Vertical Baby Change Table – White | Dark Granite | Light Granite
  • Babyminder Horizontal Baby Change Table – White | Dark Granite | Light Granite

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