Loo of the YearThese days, it seems like there’s an award for everything. Ceremonies range from giving recognition to the leaders of their particular industry, such as the BAFTA’s, to the more obscure such as The Stella Awards which give recognition for the most outrageous lawsuits. One such obscure award that you probably won’t have heard of is the Loo of the Year.

The Loo of the Year award is just what it says on the can: a competition to find the best ‘away from home’ toilet, i.e. public conveniences and those found in shops or restaurants, in the UK. Whilst at first this might sound quite frivolous, the awards do also have a more serious objective in that they help to encourage higher standards in public toilets.

Any ‘away from home’ toilet can be nominated for the awards, and there are sixty categories making it a convenience for most types of loos to be entered. The Attendant of the Year award is also incorporated, to give recognition for those responsible for looking after the loos.

Fish ToiletThe 2014 awards event is to be held on Friday 5th December at the St John’s Hotel in Solihull, and the closing date for entries is the 31st July.

It’s Clean Ltd would love to nominate a toilet for the award, but after racking our brains to think of the perfect loo, we realised we’ve got nothing to go on!

Do you know of a latrine of excellence? Perhaps you have done something special to make your visitor’s toilet more comfortable, or know of a local cafe or restaurant whose bathroom is an experience in itself. Head over to www.loo.co.uk for more information and to nominate a WC you think deserves an award.