Research shows that up to 80% of dust, dirt and grime in the workplace is actually ‘walked in’ from outside.

With our professional dust control mat service you can prevent 85% of the soiling that is walked into the workplace.

Dust mat systems can help prevent slips, trips and falls at work by making the floors drier and less slippy.  Prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked into the building, protecting flooring from soiling and permanent damage. Dust mat systems also help to create a smarter, safer working environment.

The mats are professionally laundered and exchanged with fresh clean mats every two weeks so your floors are never left unprotected.

  • Premier mat systems
    • LOGOWALK professional mat systems can prevent 85% of the soiling that is walked into the workplace.
    • Prevent slips and trips improving health and safety in the workplace.
    • Reduces cleaning costs.
    • Extends the life of your high cost flooring.
    • Mats are professionally cleaned and exchanged on a regular basis.
  • Logo mat systems
    • Logo mats create impact by marketing and promoting your company image.
    • Effective branding displaying company logo and corporate colours.
    • Protectings flooring.
  • Anti-Fatigue mat systems
    • The Wet area and Kitchen mat systems are the first commercially launderable kitchen mats featuring both anti-fatigue and antimicrobial properties.
    • The resilient nitrile rubber construction reduces fatigue of long-standing jobs.
    • The anti-slip mat is water, oil, grease and solvent resistant, ideal for kitchens and bars while specially placed holes allow drainage.
  • Wet area and kitchen mat systems
    • 80% of the people that work in a standing upright position suffer from problems with their legs and/or back, an anti-fatigue mat is the best and simplest way to reduce or even avoid these problems.
    • The anti-fatigue mat is water, oil and solvent resistant, ideal for an anti-slip mat in industrial areas.
    • Reduces fatigue and noise.

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