Enviromental Policy

At It’s Clean we strive for the highest standards in all our operations, motivated by an acute awareness of the best international practices. We integrate environmental considerations in our business decision-making. We have an overriding commitment to the market, and sensitivity to the needs and interests of our clients and customers.

To sustain and protect the environment, we will;

Encourage our clients and suppliers to understand environmental impacts and to work with them to reduce waste and to recycle products wherever and whenever possible.

Conduct environmental audits of all our operations to ensure we minimise waste and prevent pollution.

Regulate and improve our processes to cause the least practicable impact on the environment, encouraging our employees to help and investing ahead of legislative requirements.

Liaise with suppliers and customers to facilitate the best possible environmental practices, and promote the recycling of related materials.

Co-operate with the appropriate authorities and technical organisations in the formation of standards and the means of compliance.

Promote and undertake educational programmes and discussions on Green issues for employees, suppliers, customers, and the community at large, protecting health and safety.

Discuss environmental issues regularly at the highest levels of the company and take the lead in Group initiatives.

Its Clean Ltd service many office and commercial environments where we provide the following:-

  • Support to the client in opening the initial occupied areas and supplying services and products on a pre-planned and emergency basis to ensure the continuity of the clients business.
  • Carried out weekend cleans where contractors or problems have been identified and supplied staff on emergency call out to ensure that there is no business interruption.
  • Expanded our services working closely with the project teams and the employment and deployment of additional staff to ensure the upkeep of standards.
  • We have worked to provide pre-set periodic cleans to identified areas and have over the time worked to provide savings by carrying out duties during normal hours and incorporating these duties as part of the daily cleaning tasks.
  • We have audited the site throughout our time and ensured regular management meetings with the client and support for all project work, responding speedily to client communication and informing the client of any service issues or improvements.

We have supported several on-site Facilities Managers and key personnel, attending site assessments, audits, meetings and briefings over the time we have been on site.

Outline what action would you take to ensure a smooth transition, in the event of you being awarded the contract?  (Provide a summary of the schedule you will adopt).

  • Delivery of all training, contract change details new equipment and materials prior to start date.
  • Pre – commencement meetings with Lead contractor and portfolio manager to agree specific tender alterations/additions to service, KPI’s, service level agreements, supplier quarterly report format,  etc.. (please add to these if you can think of any more)
  • Launch date communication.
  • 24/7 communication with all sites and immediate response to all issues raised, led by the Lead contractor reporting to the  Portfolio manager for the quarter weeks and supported by the site supplier and the facilities manager, to the first report.