Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health and Safety at work Act 1974

This is the Health and Safety Policy Statement of It’s Clean Limited.

The Health and Safety policy and manuals we have prepared indicate the ways in which It’s Clean intends to meet with legal requirements.

Legislation requires that, as an employer we prepare a statement of general policy with respect to the health and safety of our employees, together with details of the organisation and arrangements that we have set up to carry out that policy.

Therefore, we provide, so far as is reasonably practicable:

  • a safe system of work
  • to maintain safe plant and equipment
  • safe handling and use of substances
  • provide information, instruction and adequate training for employees
  • ensure all employees are capable of carrying out their tasks safely
  • prevent accidents and cases of work related ill health
  • safe means of handling, transporting articles, substances and personnel
  • a safe and healthy environment
  • maintain and review this policy as necessary at regular intervals

It’s Clean believes that one of its most important functions is the prevention of accidents or ill health. We do not wish any of our employees or any other person to suffer as a result of activities of work processes. To this we intend to comply rigorously with all health and safety legislation, Codes of Practice and best guidance and work methods available.

We also ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the way we carry out our work does not affect the health and safety of persons who are not our employees, for example, visitors and contractors.

We remind you, our employees, of your duty to look after your own health and safety and ensure that you do not endanger others and that you must co-operate with the management of It’s Clean as your employer, in meeting our legal obligations.