Our Urinal Maintenance Systems cut your water bill by 96% and solves your urinal problems.

A urinal flushing every 15 minutes will use up to 157,680 litres of water per annum at an average of £500.  A urinal fitted with the Sani-Sleeve water controller will use 6,570 litres of water per annum at an average cost of £10.

  • New slimline design.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Tamper-proof technology.
  • Works on standard PP3 battery – no need for mains supply.
  • Reduces urinal flushing to 4 flushes per day.
  • Fail-safe design features.


Sensaflush is a unique urinal flush management system designed to drastically reduce water consumption by eliminating unnecessary and expensive wastage.

  • Incorporated into urinal cistern water supply.
  • Only allows flushing when user is detected.
  • Urinals flushed 30 minutes after activation.
  • If no detection within 12 hours a sanitising flush is provided.

The Sensaflush works on the following basis:

  1. Activated by user presence, 30 minute wait period commences.
  2. During 30 minute wait period all further user presence ignored.
  3. After 30 minutes the cistern is fast filled and urinals flushed.

For more information ring 01423 566785 or email info@itsclean.co.uk