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One decision businesses have to take is whether to manage cleaning in-house or use an external provider. Traditionally, many companies have been accustomed to managing their own in-house staff for cleaning and janitorial duties. However, many companies are now outsourcing their cleaning and FM needs and hiring commercial cleaning services. One of the main questions companies should consider when deciding which option to use is whether they have the time and resources to deliver the cleaning provision rather than use an outsourced provider.

Essential Considerations for your Cleaning Service

Whether you choose in-house or external provision, it’s important to use a fully accredited, trained cleaning operative. Some companies have initially used untrained cleaning operatives as they believed it would save them money, but this means standards will slip and health and safety risks will increase.

Cleaning operatives need to be trained to be able to use cleaning chemicals and equipment properly, to an accredited standard, for their own safety and for the safety of the people in the building. A cleaning operative who is trained to an accredited standard will also be more efficient. This means the premises will be cleaned in a time efficient manner, to the required standard, and good hygiene standards will be maintained.

Accredited training routes are extremely accessible and cost effective. For instance, consider the Chemical Professional Skills Suite (CPSS), the improved assessment scheme for accredited training in the cleaning industry launched this years with a minimum requirement of three mandatory units to ensure the safety of operatives, safety of users of the building and sustainability of the building. 25 core cleaning skills are available, covering a broad aspect of cleaning responsibilities.

Advantages of In-House Cleaning

Organisational Knowledge – an outsourced employee may not have the same understanding and passion for your organisation as an employee and might create the wrong impression about the company

Hidden Costs of Outsourcing – one of the main reasons given for outsourcing is cost cutting, but there are costs incurred in procurement and selection of outsourcing suppliers and contracts which need to be taken into account.

Morale – outsourcing jobs can lead to ill and poor morale in the rest of your organisationas it commonly results in the need to reduce staffing levels. If outsourcing is not managed appropriately, it can have a negative impact on remaining employees.

Legal Compliance & Security – legal issues and security should be addressed in formal documentation. Outsourced employees should not have access to confidential customer data which they may be able to use for their own gain.

Disadvantages of In-House Cleaning

Costs – with outsourcing there is no need to buy expensive equipment or supplies because everything needed is provided by the cleaning company. A commercial cleaning company will work within your budget to create a service that meets the needs of your facility. It can give you ideas on money saving practices, like day cleaning, that can reduce your ooperating costs even further.

Efficiency – outsourcing allows owners to develop their business rather than focusing on cleaning and maintenance issues.

Training & Expertise – increasingly, companies are looking for a single manageable contract provider for their building requirements. There are professional cleaning companies which can provide a variety of speciality services that may not be available with an in-house cleaning team. For example, many companies can provide a range of FM support services, rather than just the internal office cleaning and external cleaning of windows and signage.